Oil & Gas

Oil and gas: Our experience ensures your safety

Especially when handling petrochemical substances, experience and a sense of responsibility are essential. Flemming offers you both. We have been designing, planning and manufacturing plants in this highly sensitive area for decades.

Therefore, we know that especially in hazardous plants, not only the selection of the right technology, but also the inclusion of the human factor is crucial for the safety of the overall system. Because the biggest problem in this area is still operating errors.

Although every control system is subject to a risk of error that can never be completely eliminated, potential sources of error can be significantly reduced by taking special care during development, production, commissioning and, above all, training of the operating personnel.

It is not without reason that the very highest requirements are placed on offshore tankers in terms of fail-safety and error prevention, as help is often far away in the event of a failure on the high seas. As the world market leader in the automation of LPG gas tankers, the name Flemming has now stood as a guarantor for the fulfilment of this high demand for 40 years.

How does a process react to process disturbances?
You don’t usually know until it happens. Flemming developed an Intelligent Training and Simulation System for cryogenic gas plants.

The ITASS autonomously tests the response of the control system to randomly generated process disturbances.
This system draws on over 40 years of process engineering know-how. In handling projects for oil, as with gas, experience and safety are essential. Flemming offers you both. For decades, we have been designing, planning and manufacturing in this sensitive field. We develop process-oriented control technology and special safety monitoring and control systems for the following plants.


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