Can a highly complex system also be transparent? Yes!

No matter what Flemming engineers for you, one thing is certain: Though they may
be complex, the resulting operations will be thoroughly transparent — comprehensive plant and equipment documentation guarantees this. It is created using innovative software that meets national and international guidelines and contains all the necessary information about your plant, down to the tiniest detail.

This high level of transparency pays off, especially in the case of enlargements or modifications down the line. Additional benefits: All of our documentation is produced in multiple languages, incorporated in a document management system and transferable using standard software such as MS-Office or AutoCAD. Doesn't engineering at such a high standard take longer than usual? No. Flemming is known for its rapid delivery times. We'd be happy to prove it to you!


  • Low-voltage switchboards
  • Control boards
  • Local panels
  • Control desks
  • Marshalling cabinets

Norms and Guidelines

  • EN/IEC
  • DNV
  • GL
  • BV
  • LRS
  • RINA
  • And many more

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